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Danny Alford

Sam Stricklin
Missionary / Director

Spouse: Virginia Stricklin

Phone: 913.314.8588



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We have other men serving in sensitive areas. Please contact us personally for
information regarding them.


Sam Stricklin was reared on a farm in Oklahoma by Methodist parents. He trusted Christ as his Savior during a revival meeting as a 7 year old boy. While a student at a secular university, he began attending an independent Baptist Church and was later called to the ministry during his senior year in college. After serving as a pastor in Oklahoma and Rhode Island for 35 years, he resigned the pastorate in 2005 and became involved full-time in missionary work in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Virginia grew up in an independent Baptist church in Springfield, Missouri. She trusted Christ as her Savior at the age of 15, and has faithfully served the Lord since that time. She has been the faithful helpmeet in the ministry with her husband for over 40 years. The Stricklins are the parents of five sons, all of whom faithfully love and serve the Lord. They are also blessed with three wonderful daughter-in-laws, and eight grandchildren.



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